SEO Case Study

We took charge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for the largest bank holding company in Michigan, one of the top 50 largest bank holding companies in the U.S.

A strong partnership and shared goals are vital components of a successful campaign, so we worked with our client to develop an SEO strategy. We became familiar with their current SEO status, their audiences, and their business goals, including identifying target growth areas. This information allowed us to deliver a detailed plan of action that included highly specific, viable key phrases.

We delivered keyword competition reports that aided in the decision making process by allowing us to identify which phrases would be attainable and have the greatest impact.

Once the strategy was defined, we developed content that appealed to potential customers and demonstrated credibility to search engines. We were able to gain the first position on Google for several target key phrases, including “Commercial Lines of Credit.” While that’s impressive, it’s only part of the story.

How Good SEO is Done

Creating SEO content is a delicate process. The primary goal of any content should be to offer value to readers by delivering on the expectations they have when they search. The content also needs to leverage target key phrases, so search engines recognize them as carrying a disproportionate value within the content.

Our writers, understanding how to craft content that speaks equally to users and search engines, wrote pages that centralized our client’s target key phrases. Our content was implemented on our client’s site at the end of September 2011.

Results, We Get Them

Increased Traffic

In September of 2011, organic search traffic for our client was under 212,000 visits per month. Traffic has been increasing steadily since the launch of the content we developed. In July of 2012, organic search traffic yielded over 275,000 visits—an increase of more than 63,000 visits per month.

One key indicator of success is how well general search terms, terms that do not include the company name, drive traffic to the site. In September of 2011, the organic search traffic that did not include our client’s company name was just over 5,500 visits. In July of 2012, that number was over 35,800.

Page Rank

We secured the top Google rank for many of the key phrases we targeted.

  • Online banking Michigan
  • Online banking Wisconsin
  • Free easy checking account
  • Accelerated savings account
  • Banks in Michigan
  • Commercial lines of credit
  • Boat loan Ohio
  • Personal checking Michigan
  • Unsecured home improvement loan Michigan

The Value of Good SEO

By implementing an attentive, forward-looking SEO strategy, we expanded our client’s audience and gave that audience valuable, informative content about the services for which they were searching.

This client saw a significant Return on Investment (ROI) of tens of thousands of dollars through this campaign, acquiring a larger share of organic traffic that will continue to show results.

Did You Know?

  • Key phrases need to be relevant to your goals and your page content. If someone searches for your target phrase and finds your website, will they be satisfied with what you offer?
  • There’s a lot of competition for some keywords. If your services are location specific, including the city or state information can help you target competitive keywords.
  • Metadata is still important, but content is king. As search engine algorithms get smarter, they place more and more importance on your content.
  • Search engines are designed to offer the best content to their users. Delivering relevant, high-quality content is always good SEO.