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About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gotten a mixed reputation, but it is neither devious nor mysterious. Good SEO focuses on ensuring that website content and metadata are optimized for both users and search engines. Good SEO is about strategy and commitment to quality, and the reward is increased organic traffic, increased audience, and notable Return on Investment (ROI).

It’s important to understand how search engines work for an SEO campaign to yield results. The goal of a search engine development company like Google is to provide the most relevant content to its users, and they accomplish this goal in a number of ways.


Most search engines have developed systems to eliminate low quality content, so the core of an SEO campaign needs to include unique, high quality content. Metadata and good housekeeping are still important, but as search engines become more sophisticated, they are placing more importance on the same content that your visitors will see. Quality is the most important consideration for SEO.


Search engines look for mentions of your site elsewhere on the web. Links on other sites, social media comments, and blog posts contribute to your online reputation and your search rank. Online reputation must be meticulously maintained to ensure good SEO as well as brand integrity.


Your site still needs to talk to the search engine in its own language, which includes following best practices in web development and metadata. An example of good housekeeping is keyword targeting through semantic content markup, which helps the search engine understand what your site is about.

Finally, all of these parts come together in harmony, communicating meaningfully with search engines and delivering a good user experience.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Consumers are becoming savvier, and they use the internet to find and compare products and services. These consumers depend on search engines to help sort the millions of results they receive to their queries. Most search traffic goes to the top five search engine results page positions. If you’re not on the first page of Google, you could be essentially invisible.

Achieving a high search engine rank is often more effective than any other form of internet marketing. Users know that search engines try to eliminate low quality content, so they trust organic search results more than paid advertising. Before users even click, they judge your position in search results as a reflection of your credibility.

It’s important to ensure that your site reflects your quality. Every page of your website should be optimized, which could be as simple as updating your metadata or as complex as a comprehensive website rebuild. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO, but there are time tested best practices.

Thoughtful SEO will bring more traffic to your site, which equates to more exposure for your company and opportunities for new customers and lasting relationships.

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